Learning chemistry can be quite easy, as long as you develop the right interest in the subject and get the help that you need at all times. To ensure that you can always find someone to help you with your o-level chemistry studies, you should consider hiring a tutor. Some of the reasons that usually cause students to struggle with their o-level chemistry studies are highlighted below.

Lack of Prior Knowledge

A majority of the students taking o-level chemistry classes usually do not have prior knowledge or experience in the subject. That makes it a lot more difficult for them to grasp most of the concepts. It is even worse for cases where the lecturer fails to recognize that weakness in the students. The result of that is usually poor performance in the class.

periodic table

Poor Studying Technique

Another reason students struggle with their o-level chemistry is their poor study techniques. Note-taking, for example, should not be just about writing everything you hear. You should be able to highlight the essential points and arrange them properly so that it will be easy for you to read them. Not knowing how to take notes properly can thus make you struggle with the subject. Attempting to cram the concepts and formulas instead of understanding them is another example of poor studying techniques.

Poor Handling of Exams

How you handle your exams can significantly affect your performance. For starters, you should know how to answer the questions as required. You might understand all the concepts needed, but if you cannot present them well, you will likely end up failing the examination. You also have to work on your mental preparedness during the exam time. Anxiety and exam phobia are some of the things with which you might have to deal.

Poor Focus

Some students struggle a lot with chemistry because of a lack of focus or concentration. Chemistry involves quite a lot of crucial details. When you lose focus, even for a little while, you might miss something that will make you struggle quite a lot to get the concept. You have to work on increasing your concentration span if you find yourself losing focus during classes, to deal with the challenge.

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