Reasons Not to Postpone Undergraduate Program

The idea of taking a gap year seems to be the strongest motivation to push those new high school graduates into whatever employment is available around them. While it may appear to be completely okay to start making a living at such a young age, the biggest concern that parents face these days is to deal with fears of not being able to see their teenage sons and daughters pursue higher education degrees. These fears are entirely understandable, and the explanation is pretty simple. Higher education degrees, although it is not always the case, mean better prospects and career.

a university building

Many freshly-graduated teenagers, however, prefer to join the workforce, setting aside their opportunity to participate in the higher-level education. It is for the sake of the family’s financial condition, one may argue. We cannot really blame them for such a reason, of course. But wasting their precious and productive youth will only create more problems in the future.

Better Future Prospects

a person interviewing another personLet us just deal with the fact that the majority of the companies putting job advertisements on newspapers are likely to hire the ones with an excellent educational background. It includes a smooth four-year GPA chart and a professionally-written resume. Several working experiences will also add the points. Unless you are a brilliant and potential entrepreneur with no hope to join these companies as an officer, you should follow this trend to impress your future boss and, more importantly, to get the job and the salary.

While it is true that a good educational background does not always mean having all the necessary skills, the company still needs to see your good first impression as a consideration whether or not they will welcome you as part of their family. Then, the title behind your name will at least be the most potent reminder of who you are and what you are capable of.


Many have testified that joining the university life with all its thirst-of-knowledge culture opens up a new horizon in their mind and eventually makes them better and wiser people. In short, enrolling in universities is not only about a matter of material stuff but also for the sake of knowledge itself. Opening up to several different perspectives while approaching a problem is indeed much better than sticking to one aspect only, and it has been their way of thinking whenever a practical issue shows up. Remember, a narrow-minded way of thinking will only lead to a great downfall.…

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