How You Can Use LinkedIn To Land A great Job

LinkedIn is not only a professional networking platform but also a very powerful job board & search engine. The fact that about 94% of job recruiters use social media, especially LinkedIn to fill the open positions should excite you. Continue reading on to find out How to find a job on LinkedIn:

Using LinkedIn for Getting Jobs

Optimize Your Profile

What type of job do you want? Whatever you’re seeking, ensure you place the keywords in your profile. Think criticalldetective y about it… how does hiring managers search for qualified candidates? They put in the job title they’re looking for into search box. So, be sure you’ve got your desired job title in as many places as possible on your profile so as to be able to come up higher in LinkedIn searches.

Make It Very Easy For Recruiters To Find You

A recruiter will use a straightforward keyword searching on LinkedIn to be able to identify the right candidate for his client, in the correct industries, seeking the correct jobs, so make it very easy for them to be able to find you.

Your LinkedIn headline may give you the chance to sum up who you are and also what you desire, making you most likely to be found via searches. You should think about how a recruiter is likely to come across your profile- consider what a job recruiter is likely to search, & make sure you fit into your profile headline.

Make Sure You Fill Out Your Profile 100%

By filling your profile, you’re forty times more likely to appear in LinkedIn search. Apart from that, it shows that you’re taking LinkedIn & your job search very seriously. LinkedIn also has prompts showing you how you’re doing & what you have to do to hit 100%.

Use Your Summary To Create An Ad

Your profile’s suman in black suit mmary section is an amazing place to tell your reputable employer what you can do for them. Make sure you spell out all benefits you are bringing into the workplace. How can you help them make money? How will you help them save cash? How will you make them more efficient? Do not be shy; let them know the benefits of hiring you.


According to a recent study conducted by the human resource professionals, more than 90 % recruiters hired candidates from LinkedIn. It’s no wonder that LinkedIn is the go-to site for many job hunters looking for the next great career.…

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