Forum USA


A special thanks to QS and its TopMBA program

Organized since 1990 by the Office of Science and Technology at the Embassy
of France in the United States, Forum USA brings together researchers,
engineers and managers studying or working in North America looking to
meet international companies and research agencies looking for new talent.

A unique opportunity for exhibitors

Forum USA offers companies a unique opportunity to strengthen their executive teams by meeting a large number of high level candidates, products of leading universities, labs and businesses in North America and France.

A unique opportunity for candidates

Forum USA is an opportunity for students, post-docs and young professionals in all disciplines, primarily in the fields of engineering, computer science, life sciences (pharmacy, chemistry, biology…) and business (management, finance…) to meet leading French and international companies.

The bicoastal Forum USA 2006 will take place April 8 and 9 at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, and April 11 and 12 at UC Berkeley in San Francisco.

+ + What’s new in 2006

This year, we are pleased to present a series of changes designed improve the Forum USA experience for exhibitors and candidates:

First, we have launched new partnerships with MIT and UC Berkeley. In 2006, Forum USA will be held on the campuses of these two leading universities in an effort to reach out to students of all nationalities. Forum USA is open to students from across North America and we will be promoting the Forum at top universities across the US and Canada.

In addition, the Embassy of France has expanded and strengthened its partnership with APEC (the French Association for the Employment of Executives). Our longtime partner is now a co-organizer of Forum USA and will play a greater role in the organization of the event, particularly in the area of exhibitor relations in Europe.

+ + Registration

Finally, we are pleased to introduce a new candidate selection procedure which will allow top candidates to present their work during daily conferences and poster sessions. Candidates are invited to submit a short presentation of their work in North America. After a review by a panel of expert, the top 14 candidates for each location will be selected to present their work at one of the daily conferences. In addition, 50 candidates will be selected to present a poster of their work. A stipend will be awarded to all candidates selected: $400 for the 14 candidates selected to participate in Daily conferences and $200 for those participating in poster sessions. Winners will receive a check on site at Forum USA. Please refer to the online Candidate Registration Forum to submit your presentation.

Please note: candidates who do not wish to submit a description of their work are welcome to attend Forum USA but will not qualify for financial assistance. Registration for Forum USA 2006 is free for all candidates.

Forum USA: Who Are the Participants?


  • French companies or international corporations with subsidiaries in France
  • French universities and research organizations
  • Regional agencies, incubators and technopoles
  • Small Businesses
  • APEC
  • OSEO anvar
  • Other interlocutors of interest to candidates


  • Must have science, engineering or management background ( with at least a bachelor’s degree)
  • Must have been North America for at least 6 months working in:
    o Universities
    o Research labs
    o Companies

A Recap of Forum USA 2005

In 2005, we welcomed 33 exhibitors, including 16 companies, 5 research agencies, 1 university and 1 regional consortium of universities, 4 regional development agencies and incubators, 5 partner agencies and the European Union. In addition, 6 companies were represented by APEC and 9 by OSEO anvar.

We welcomed nearly 800 candidates from top universities in the US and Canada. An estimated 150 job offers as well as hundreds of future interviews scheduled and resumes forwarded to HR departments.

Please consult the Forum USA 2005 Report for details.

+ + MIT-France Program

The MIT-France program works to strengthen exchanges among students and researchers an develops collaborative projects between MIT and France. Its primary component is a program of internships for MIT students and recent graduates in French companies. For further information, please visit their website at

+ + France-Berkeley Funds

Established in 1993 as a partnership between the government of France and the University of California at Berkeley, the France-Berkeley Fund (FBF) promotes scholarly exchange in all disciplines between UC Berkeley and all research centers and public institutions of higher education in France.

+ + ERA-Link

Delegation of the European Commission Announces ERA-Link (European Researchers Abroad-Link) The purpose of ERA-Link is to help expatriate researchers, scientists and scholars to be informed about European research policies and initiatives, about career opportunities in Europe and possibilities for collaboration with Europe.

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